Monday | Apr 15 2024

Dr. Drita Memeti

Researcher at Centre of Political, Economical and Social Research


Dr. Drita Memeti

Drita Memeti was born on 05.10.1985 in Kicevo. She followed and completed her second cycle studies at the University of Tetova, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, during the period 2009-2012, while in 2013 she enrolled in doctoral studies at the South East European University, Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences, which she successfully completed in November 2016. After completing her university studies in June 2008, Drita Memeti, during the period 2008-2010, works as a professor in the subject of Sociology at the Tetovo High School "Kiril Pejčinović". Since 2011, Drita Memeti has been engaged as an associate for strategy, planning and monitoring in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, within the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations. Drita Memeti is currently a lecturer and holds the title of Docent in the Study Program: Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Tetova, thus being active in academic life with numerous participations in scientific conferences. In addition to the academic sphere, Drita Memeti is also active in the field of civil society, where in 2021 she founded the non-governmental organization Women's Network in Science, an organization that has brought together many women and girls who love knowledge and science. In 2022, she also published her first book entitled "Political communication and social networks in the era of the information society in the Republic of North Macedonia", this book presents a detailed description of the current reality through which simple communication is carried out the political one.