Monday | Jul 15 2024

Metin Xhelil

Director at Centre of Academy Skopje

Member of Board at Balkan Studies Foundation


Metin Xhelil

Born in 1980 in Skopje, North Macedonia His educational pursuits started in 2000 with the Middle Eastern Culture Recognition Program at the prestigious United Arab Emirates University. In 2005, Mr. Celil started his undergraduate studies in the Theology and Humanities Faculty at the University of Lampeter in Wales. In 2009, he pursued his postgraduate education, enrolling in the Department of Public Administration and International Relations (MPAIA) at the Southeastern European University in Tetovo, North Macedonia. Here, his master's degree specialization revolved around Middle East politics, culminating in the research and presentation of a master's thesis titled "International Diplomacy for the Israel-Palestine Conflict and its Solution." Metin Celil currently undertakes doctoral studies at the University of Bonn, Faculty of Arts, specializing in political studies. His academic interests encompass a broad spectrum of topics, including the history of diplomacy, international institutions, peaceful resolution of conflicts, international relations and religions, politics and Islamic thought, political and cultural relations, and ethnic relations, among others. Currently, Celil is performing as General Secretary at the International Balkan University, further contributing to the academic and administrative spheres of higher education.



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